Fine art landscape photography prints by Alan Trammel Photography, a North Carolina based photographer. Featuring high-quality acrylic, metal and canvas prints of the North Carolina coast, mountains and Piedmont.

I LOVE North Carolina!

As a native of North Carolina, I was raised to appreciate all this state has to offer and to recognize beauty in the grand as well as the minute.  Growing up, I was always the designated photographer on family vacations. Capturing authentic moments and unique views of our surroundings came naturally with a camera in my hand.

After graduating from NC State University and entering the real estate industry I quickly realized that real estate and photography share a strong commonality.  Finding the perfect home and capturing the perfect image is a process that just can’t be rushed!

With a natural sense of adventure to explore our state and a camera in my hand, photography became my creative outlet.  I often find myself on the road at 3:00 a.m. heading to beach for a sunrise only to be back in the triangle by afternoon to show homes. 

For me photography is painting with light.